About Garrett Business Technology

Our Mission ...

To bridge the gap between what business people need and the benefits that technology can provide -

for the people who need information ...

for the people who create information ...

and the people who manage those people.

Our goal is to encourage and facilitate the communication (and knowledge transfer) across that gap

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What Garrett Business Technology offers ...

Significant productivity improvements for business.

Unique blending of years of business and technology experience

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Why Garrett Business Technology is different ...

Over 30 years experience in every phase of information systems inception, design, development, implementation and operation.

Our systems experience spans web-based, mainframe, client/server, Internet and desktop applications.

Our database experience extends across multiple platforms and business

We've set up the Intranet web site and developed the home page for a large telecommunications company's Procurement organization.

We have experience derived from delivering and managing software solutions that provide the right fit for business processes - through rapid development of prototypes that incorporate optimum user interfaces, robust system design and data architectures that work.

And most importantly ... we bridge the gap between business needs and enabling technologies.

Business professionals are frequently unaware of the advantages that technology can bring; technologists are correspondingly unaware of how to most effectively deploy technology. We have worked with many solutions providers who understand technology - or the business environment - but few understand both. With our experience in management information and decision support systems, we can quickly capture understand your business requirements and recommend ways to drive more benefit from the systems you already have.

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Who we are ...

Jack Garrett

Author, with Dr. Steven Shepard, of Managing Supply Chain Technology: Bridging the Gap Between the Supply Chain and the Technology That Supports It

Founder and President, Garrett Business Technology

Former CEO, Chairman and co-founder, IFM Technologies

Former Director of Procurement Systems, Pacific Bell


- Designed the application and data architecture used to manage American Express's Supplier and Contract management

- Featured in a CIO magazine article about innovations in business technology.

- Analyzed the procurement technology support (purchasing systems and contract data management) for the incoming Chief Procurement Officer for Six Continents Hotels.

- Managed technical support for a mainframe application with 20,000 on-line users that processed all Service Orders for Pacific Bell

- Managed application support for PacBell's major purchasing system that issued 250,000 Purchase Orders annually to a base of 16,000 suppliers and did 85-93% of them electronically. Purchasing through the system totaled over $650 million annually.

- Managed the $100 million annual hardware and software budget for Pacific Bell. As part of that assignment, responsible for demand and capacity forecasting for 55 mainframes and hundreds of minicomputers.

- Represented Pacific Bell on a joint telecommunications effort to standardize product identification, labeling and classification that was associated with the Telecommunications Industry Forum (TCIF). The eventual standards became part of the ANSI X.12 standards suite. Also represented Pacific Bell with the FCC and California PUC, testifying regarding the effective life spans and retirement of computer assets.

- Managed computer operations in a major mainframe and minicomputer complex.

- Designed the physical layout for a large computer center which housed six mainframe computers and a significant number of minicomputers, direct access storage devices, magnetic tape drives and high speed printer equipment

- Provided consulting support for American Express's selection of an e-Commerce environment

Former Director, Procurement Systems with Pacific Bell


- More than 30 years in the design, delivery, implementation and support of information systems

- Experienced manager of technical professionals

- IBM-trained in technical training delivery

- Computer center design and operations management

- AI/Expert System rule design, development and management

- Knowledge Engineering to develop application requirements

- Rapid application prototyping from business requirements

- Nationally recognized expert in Procurement Systems management

- Experienced instructor and manager of technical professionals

- Computer center design and operations management

- Web-based, mainframe, minicomputer and desktop software design and delivery

- Holder of a Certificate in Purchasing from the University of California, Berkeley

- Broad experience in database design and conversion

- Technical project design and management

- Director of Information Systems procurement

- e-Procurement planning, product selection and implementation

- Experienced in UNSPSC (United Nations Service and Product Standard Classification) commodity structure, implementation and use

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