Operational Support Systems

If your company has never developed software for itself, licensed software from vendors like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, BAAN and Peoplesoft or merged with a company that has, then you don't have embedded "legacy" systems to deal with when you need supply chain functionality. But, you'd be in the decided minority. The sad fact is that most supply chain managers have to shoehorn their systems into a landscape already awash with set-in-stone processes, pre-existing data tables and seemingly remote application support teams.

At Garrett Business Technology, we've helped companies link to those existing systems to get the most out of those systems and new systems they need to add. A few key - and truly simple - business decisions can make a harmonious whole out of the disparate elements you may be looking at. We can help you design them, deploy them and operate them, and get the most out of your investment.

If your puzzle doesn't fit together, give us a call.

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